Sewing Lessons


Have you ever dreamt of sewing your own clothes? Or your children’s clothes? Or make the deco in your house?

Come and join me, a seamstress of some 20 years and make your dream come true!
It’s time to treat yourself to some “me time” and learn a new skill!

I run sewing lessons for complete beginners every morning ( Monday to Friday). I also give lessons to individuals for specific needs if you lack confidence for a specific project or if you want to perfect your technique.

I teach to hand sew as well as sewing on regular sewing machine.
Bring your own machine or use one in the class.
I also run one hour lesson to help you thread your serger and learn to use it confidently ( £10/hour)

At the end of my course you’ll be able to do anything from reading and cutting a pattern, sewing a zip, making a buttonhole…

At the end of each session you will leave with your very own sewn items!

Courses are run on a weekly basis
Monday to Friday mornings for 2 hours at once.
£10 an hour
ALL material supplied.
Tea and coffee included.
Location : Haywards Heath
For enquiries contact me :