Where the inspiration comes from

DSC00419I recently fell in love all over again during the Easter weekend. With Bruges .

If you do not come back with a to do list as long as an arm , you have not seen Bruges properly.

I felt like a child again, revisiting the smurfs, Tintin, Gaston Lagaffe… stuffing my face with the finest chocolates, waffles , pancakes and cherry beer!

The architecture is breathtaking. A humble and discreet gem.

But my heart melted just after the lovers’ bridge. On the left hand side, past the iron gate is a little shop .

MY dream shop! The bear necessities


DSC00420Everywhere, bears bears bears and more bears.


From the early age to now, bears of all shapes and forms…


My eye was instantly drawn to the very old looking bears surrounding the gentleman at the counter.

He very kindly explained to us that his wife is handsewing those bears but she’s too poorly to be in the shop so he sells the bears for her. The bears are made of mohair and they are filled with stuffing and wood chipping to give the bears their rigidity.

I don’t think i have ever felt so inspired by a  visit to a shop. I now dream of owning that shop and having my dolls and bears on those shelves…..

One day maybe….

In the meantime as soon as i got back home I had to make a Teddy bear. This one is a tribute to Bruges. Old fashion teddy  with 5 junctions following on the Steiff tradition , with lace to celebrate the beauty and craftmanship I’ve seen there.









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